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Alcohol and Drug  EvaluationSee Schedule and Pricing

We are an State-licensed Chemical Dependency Outpatient facility (DSHS Licenses # 2071A and 3473) that offers a wide range of Alcohol and Drug-related services.

We offer professional Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Services to assess the severity of the client drug/alcohol addiction and provide a plan for appropriate treatment. Our Alcohol and drug evaluations are done by Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors (LCDCs). This service is available in both English and Spanish at convenient schedules (including evening and weekends).

Our evaluations consist of a set of comprehensive questions designed to determine whether the offender meets the diagnosis of substance abuse or addiction, or has misused the substance that led to the arrest. To determine such diagnosis the Counselor uses

SASSI (Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory) is a screeningquestionnairefor identifying people with a high probability of having a substance dependence or substance abuse disorder.

Questions pertaining to the criteria in the alcohol and substance abuse sections of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders (DSM IV). The DSM IV Diagnostic tool is also used by the American Psychiatric Society.

Depending on the history of the use, previous treatment experience and diagnosis the Counselor will make a recommendation. This recommendation will be emailed to your referral source within 24-hours.

These services are provided to both Court/probation clients and to individual clients/employers. Our company is here to serve you!!