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                                            (CIRCLE PROGRAM REQUIRED)

                “Court/Probation -mandated  courses – English and Spanish"                             

                         Phone:  281-679-9937      

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  • Southwest/West Location:  14780 Memorial Dr. Suite 206. Houston, TX 77079
  • 45/Airline/North/ Location: 4625  North Freeway. Suite 207. Houston, TX 77022


Hours of Operation:  10am-8:30pm  but we require Appt (Courses are offered Weekends and evenings!)



(Circle Program Required)




DWI Intervention/Repeat Offender 


15sessions/30h+ 2 indiv/1h sessions (ENGLISH/SPANISH)..  





15h/5sessions (ENGLISH/SPANISH).     We offer it twice a month, every other week -  CALL US !



DWI Education/1st Offender

12h/3 sessions (ENGLISH/SPANISH):  We offer it twice a month

 Call for latest schedule! 



Anti- Theft/Shoplifting  

1 session/4h (ENG/SPANISH):  Saturdays @9am.  Multiple schedules during the week. CALL!!


Drug/Alcohol Evaluation

 45 min-1h. By appointment. Results right after the session. This waives  your class  enrollment fee if a class  is required.


Supportive Outpatient Program  (SOP) 


  -  DIVERT/Court  compliant (90-days) : 2  2h-sessions/week + 1 individual session /month. 






Intensive Outpatient Program  (IOP)

-  DIVERT/Court  compliant (45-days): 4  2h-sessions/week + 1 individual session/2 weeks. 


After-Care/Relapse Prevent

12 sessions/24 hours  (once a week)


Alcohol/Drug Awareness

Alcohol or Drug Awareness (6 sessions/12h)

Alcohol and Drug Awareness (9 sessions/18h)


Anger Management (AM)


12 sessions/24h   . Call for appointment!


AM  Awareness

Anger Management. 8hours . Call for schedule (ENGLISH/SPANISH) 


Domestic Violence/BIPP - Males  

18 sessions/36 hours    



Domestic Violence - Females

18 sessions/36 hours. Call for schedule (ENGLISH/SPANISH) 



6 sessions/12h  or 8 sessions/16h (for CPS).  Parenting education



Parenting Awareness

1 session/4h. 


Parenting through Divorce

1 session/4h.   



15 sessions/60h.  Sunday (4-hour  sessions: 10:30am-2:30pm) 



* FREE ENROLLMENT FEE for  multiple/second  classes.
- Competitive pricing and flexible payment schedules. Sliding-fee scale if requested by referral.    Fully bilingual licensed staff for easier interaction with clients. Staff with 10+ years of experience in the counseling field.